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Dr Goodwin is Director of Science and Research Impact at the Brain Health Network (, London.  He was formerly Chief Scientist at Age UK, Europe’s largest charity for older people. He is a professor in the Physiology of Ageing at Loughborough University and the University of Exeter Medical School.

Dr Goodwin speaks regularly in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.  He is an inspirational speaker, an expert on all aspects of ageing who specializes in communicating science to the media, the public and business professionals.

He has spoken at companies such as Unilever, Sanofi Pasteur and Merck UK and at think tanks such as the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, where he gave a keynote address in July 2017. He regularly appears on broadcast media, including BBC News, Sky News, and local radio in both Britain and America. He has advised film and TV program makers.


Dr Goodwin has been a member of numerous expert bodies, including the United Nations Research Agenda for Ageing, the United Nations Digital Health Group and a UK Ministerial Advisory Group on Research.  He led user involvement of the European Union’s FUTURAGE project. He has given evidence on the science and social impact of ageing to Congressional hearings in Washington D.C. and Parliamentary Select Committees in Westminster.


In March 2014 Dr Goodwin was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. In 2015, he was appointed a Board member of Optum Labs’ Alzheimer’s Disease Research Initiative in Boston, USA. In 2016, he became a founding member of the Global Council for Brain Health, a joint venture with AARP, the leading organisation for the over 50s in the United States.


Before becoming a scientist, Dr Goodwin was an officer in the British Army. He was commissioned into the Light Infantry, serving in Britain, Germany and the Middle East during the Cold War.

Dr Goodwin with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the presentation of an award for the development of

Age Friendly Cities

A young Lieutenant Goodwin, recently graduated from

Britain's Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst


Major Speaking Engagements

Vodafone, UK

The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

Merck Corporate Head Office, London

Leiden Academy, Netherlands

Sanofi Pasteur Head Office, Paris

Unilever Global HQ, London

Oxford University, UK

Norwegian Forum on Dementia Research, Oslo

Italian National Center for Research on Ageing

Nordic Congress on Ageing, Sweden


PhD, Physiology of Aging

University of Exeter Medical School, UK


MSc, Human Biology

Loughborough University, UK


British Army Commission

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK


BA, Biology and Education

Keele University

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